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Fly Decapitates Ant ... disgusting details on Off-Ramp for January 25, 2014

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Elvis, JFK, Tom Jones ... the Velveteria is a museum dedicated to one thing: velvet paintings, and this small museum over 3,000 works on velvet in its collection.
Hockey writer Helene Elliott says Saturday's Kings-Ducks matchup at Dodger Stadium will be a spectacle, but it will also be a great, real hockey game.

LA's love-hate relationship with the palm tree

We talk with Kevin Roderick, who has reached his palm tree tipping point, and Frank McDonough, an actual expert in palms, and who still loves the ubiquitous transplant.

Flies found popping heads off ants in Glendale

Angelenos can keep a lookout for a certain type of fly with gruesome, parasitic tendencies. They're called Ant-Decapitating Flies (or ADFs for short) and recently, scientists at the Natural History Museum found them living in Glendale.

Steve Soboroff's typewriter time machines

"Andy Rooney was thinking when he was sitting at that typewriter. And so was John Updike, and so was Ernest Hemingway." Steve Soboroff owns them all.
rockfish Barotrauma video still
Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with marine biologist Milton Love about a cheap, simple solution for barotrauma, which affects rockfish caught by sport anglers.

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