Forgotten racetracks, depiping the organ, and drought. Off-Ramp for Feb. 8, 2014

Will the NFL Rams play here again, or is Kroenke playing us?

Leo Jarzomb/LAPL Herald-Examiner Collection

LA Rams fans in 1989.

LA's pro football fans got their hopes raised yet again this week. Whether they'll be dashed again is an open question. But a company tied to the owner of the St Louis Rams, Stan Kroenke, has purchased 60 acres in Inglewood.

Does this mean the Rams will move back to LA? Or is Kroenke just playing us and St Louis? Off-Ramp host John Rabe put the question to Doug Tribou of NPR's Only a Game.

John and Doug also talked about some definite good LA football news, and that is that Ray Guy, who spent his last five playing years on the LA Raiders, including the 1983 Super Bowl champs, was just elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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