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Forgotten racetracks, depiping the organ, and drought. Off-Ramp for Feb. 8, 2014

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KPCC's John Rabe and Only a Game's Doug Tribou wonder if the Stan Kroenke's purchase of land in Inglewood means the NFL is really returning to LA.
A new documentary shows us how auto racing is intimately tied to L.A.'s history, and how your daily commute might be taking you down the straightaway or a Dead Man's Curve of a long-defunct racetrack.
Off-Ramp commentator Taylor Orci and the hose that proves there's no drought.

Drought? What drought?

There are simply too many things we do on a daily basis that fly in the face of rationing water--water that we treat like the pigeon of natural resources.
Actress Paulina Garcia in the title role of Sebastian Lelio's "Gloria."

Foreign film Oscar candidate 'Gloria' explores singledom in Chile's clubs

Director Sebastian Lelio was honored to be submitted but can take or leave the Oscars. "When it happens, you have to go. When it doesn't, you follow with your work."

Commentator Dylan Brody hereby kills his community theater career

My father used to say community theater was people doing a stellar imitation of what they thought acting was supposed to look like. I see it as live performances of slaughtered text before dying audiences.

Santa Monica 5th graders on love and Valentines

FIfth-grader: If you don't have Valentine’s Day, if you’re married, how will you ever say to that special person “I love you?”
Pipe Organ Restoration - 1
The organ — one of the largest of its kind in the world — will be taken apart after 30 years of playing to be repaired and restored; parts will be sent to Italy.
Mercer 14749

Voluptua — TV love goddess's reign lasted less than 2 months

RH Greene tells us about Voluptua, a short-lived 1950s local tv sensation, branded "Corruptua" by Christian protest groups.

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