We come to praise Caesar, Rufus, and Rollins. Off-Ramp for Feb. 15, 2014

Rufus, the giant Pacu, entertained visitors to Bahooka for more than 35 years, until the restaurant closed in 2013. Damon's in Glendale is exploring adopting Rufus, but it's a big undertaking.

Rufus the carrot-eating pacu to stay at former Bahooka

Media attention helps Rufus's current owners see that he could be the star of their new Chinese restaurant; friends of Damon's disappointed.
Henry Rollins
The former Black Flag Frontman, writer, publisher and actor talks with KPCC's Kevin Ferguson about Ray Bradbury, Washington, DC, South Bay Punk and Aerosmith.
Van Buren, Polk, Fillmore, Pierce, Hayes, Arthur ... These men are Roosevelts and Reagans compared to President Franklin Marshall.
Nathan for You + Dumb Starbucks

Yeah, Dumb Starbucks. But what does it mean?

The real question is why were people so intrigued, beyond the free coffee and a souvenir Dumb Starbucks cup?
Sid Caesar With Writers On TV Set
An exclusive, un-aired interview with the late Sid Caesar, the man who invented sketch comedy for television.

Aspiring auto mechanic Kien Thay's dream job is not just for guys

She remembers telling her dad she wanted to work on cars full-time. He said he was proud of her, but said being a mechanic is 'such a guy's job.'

Dumb Starbucks: Why is it here and why are people lining up?

A coffee shop called Dumb Starbucks, claiming to parody the popular chain, has opened to long lines of people in Los Feliz. But who is behind it and why did they open?
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