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Kristen Bell shoots 'Veronica Mars' parody video, and gives cameo SPOILER!

Off-Ramp host John Rabe's selfie with Kristen Bell, star of
Off-Ramp host John Rabe's selfie with Kristen Bell, star of "Veronica Mars."
John Rabe

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Last week, we talked with Kristen Bell about some of the nuts and bolts of making "Veronica Mars," the Kickstarter-funded movie based on the late-lamented TV series.  This time, some of the fun stuff, like sloths and the supposed lost porn films of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Minor Spoilers follow for "Veronica Mars"! No plot points revealed.

If you've seen the trailer for "Veronica Mars," which opens March 14, you know that "This American Life" host Ira Glass appears as himself, in a scene shot here at KPCC's Mohn Broadcast Center (standing in for Glass' home studio at WBEZ in Chicago). (You can view the entire trailer at the end of this post.)

It's one of several cameos in the movie. (More SPOILERS!)

James Franco is one of them, and he is undoubtedly a bigger name in Hollywood. But "Veronica Mars" isn't typical Hollywood. And when I asked who was the bigger get for the movie, Bell said it wasn't Franco. It was Ira Glass, by "light years."

Why? Because, apparently, everyone who worked on the series and the movie are huge public radio fans, with an emphasis on "This American Life." But as you'll hear in our interview,  the feeling was mutual. 

Meantime, Kristen Bell was happy to reshoot the Ira Glass cameo, replacing Ira with a younger, taller actor. Me. That's KPCC's pop culture maestro Mike Roe as Veronica's boyfriend Piz. Radiolab fans, watch out for the shout-out!

Kristen Bell's Ira/Off-Ramp/Radiolab "Veronica Mars" parody

Then comes the Funny or Die shorts Bell has made, including "Lost Masterpieces of Pornography," directed by David Mamet. Set in 1938, a missing blouse button and an electric fan heat up the chambers of the Chief Justice. It's weird and very obscure, but Bell says when David Mamet calls, you answer.

Safe-ish for work: David Mamet's "Lost Masterpieces of Pornography" with Kristen Bell

We've also included exclusive web audio of Kristen Bell talking about her adventure with Ellen and the sloth, which became a viral video.

Kristen Bell's supposed "meltdown" when presented with a sloth

Why do sloths do it for Bell? Maybe it's the maternal instinct. Bell says sloths are so slow and such "dum-dums" that they are the only mammal that can be eaten alive by a colony of regular ants.

"Veronica Mars" trailer