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Inside Marfa, Texas: The weird town that's home to a growing SXSW community

by Kevin Ferguson | Off-Ramp®

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Former Off-Ramp intern James Kim in front of the oldest operation McDonalds in his hometown of Downey, California. Katharine Lotze

This week, Austin, Texas has been overrun by musicians, startup founders and movie people trying to get their movies made.

They've come from all over the U.S. to attend South by Southwest. But Austin isn't the only weird place in Texas. Marfa, population 2000 is a small city in West Texas. Just this week, the music website Pitchfork did a profile of the city.

More and more bands and record labels take pit stops in Marfa on their way to South By South West. Actress Kristen Stewart is writing poems about Marfa in Marie Claire. Their beloved art-installation disguised as Prada store has been vandalized again

Former Off-Ramp intern James Kim is lives there now and working for Marfa Public Radio. Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson talked with Kim about the tiny, artsy Texas town that's finally arrived. 

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