When backyard incinerators were a thing. Off-Ramp for March 15, 2014

Jennifer and Konrad Lightner
When Konrad Lightner saw a baby dangerously close to a third-story window, he just happened to have a mattress with him. You can guess what happened next.
EnrichLA's Tomas O'Grady stands on the new LA River bridge that will join Figueroa St and Riverside Drive. He and others are trying to get the city to not demolish the historic bridge to the left, but turn it into a version of NYC's High Line, for pedestr

UPDATE: Mayor Garcetti won't back Figueroa Landbridge

Preservationists and environmentalists want the city to turn a bridge into a park — much like NYC's High Line — after its replacement is built. The Mayor says no.
One thing stays the same about Mateo Stoneman through all the twists and turns of his story, from New Hampshire to prison to Olvera Street to Cuba — his musicianship.

Lice by selfie? Maybe. But Pasadena's Hair Angels can help

"Lice removal salon" may summon images of sterile, white walls and face masks, but Hair Angels takes a different tack: the walls are bright blue, the salon chairs and hair dryers bubblegum pink.
Veronica Mars
Kristen Bell and John Rabe star in a new "Veronica Mars" parody video, and Bell reveals the shocking truth behind the movie's cameos.
James Kim Marfa

SXSW: Marfa is Texas' other big music town

Just this week, the music website Pitchfork did a profile of the city. Bands play Marfa on their way to Austin's SXSW, artists are moving there and Kristen Stewart is writing Marfa poetry.

Restaurant Find: Golden Owl brings Burmese street food to La Puente

There are probably thousands of Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants in L.A., but La Puente's Golden Owl is one of only a few Burmese restaurants here.
Frank and Son

City of Industry's Frank & Son is a year-round comic-con

For 25 years now, a 65,000-square-foot warehouse has been the geek version of Costco. Off-Ramp's Alana Rinicella takes a tour of Frank and Son.

City archives show how LA banned incinerators to fight smog

Peer over backyard walls and fences and you can still sometimes see one of the main air pollution culprits: the backyard incinerator. And you can trace their demise through the city archives.
Speaking with Take Two's Alex Cohen, the creator of the cult TV show says he wrote the movie — opening Friday — for Kickstarter fans, as well as people who never saw the CW series.

Hey Caddyshack! Golf courses and cemeteries aren't water wasters

Golf courses and cemeteries are big water users, but in recent years they've worked hard to conserve. But only some of their tips will help your backyard.
Moy mell

How the Dunites created a secret utopia in the Oceano Dunes

An entire squatter community once disappeared into the wilderness of the Oceano Dunes outside of Santa Maria — a colony of hermits, artists and poets called Dunites.
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