Huell on Exhibit - Off-Ramp for April 5, 2014

If you think a terror attack can keep a marathoner from running in Boston, you don't know long-distance runners.
A new revival of director William Friedkin's notorious 1977 box office failure "Sorcerer'" has Off-Ramp contributor RH Greene thinking about other ambitious cinematic flops from the "New Hollywood" era, and how time has been kind to them.
KPCC's Ben Bergman drew Home Opener duty (curse him!) and talks with Off-Ramp host John Rabe about Puig, Tommy's trattoria, Vin Scully, and his Ben's Dodger Dog limit.
Huell Howser amidst the poppies, California's Gold.
Michael Garber edited Huell's shows from 2004 until his last episode and says that despite the raw quality, Huell had a very clear vision for his TV work.
Jay Z Performs At The Staples Center

Is downtown LA ready for Jay-Z?

A downtown Los Angeles music festival proposed for Labor Day weekend is under fire from critics who say there hasn’t been enough information or outreach about the event. The “Budweiser Made in America Festival” boasts music “curated by Jay-Z.

LA adult bike riding classes show it's never too late to learn

Did you know one in nine adults don't know know how to ride a bike? If you're one of those nine, “Learn To Ride For Adults” could be the answer for you.

Gordon Powers and his Atomic Age bowling palaces

Back when bowling was an institution, Gordon Powers’ architectural firm crisscrossed the nation building Atomic Age shrines to bowling.

How Hollywood productions disrupted the city 100 years ago

The L.A. City Archivist opens his files to show us how the city dealt with the unregulated movie industry's location shoots a hundred years ago.
Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

Science explains why we miss movie continuity bloopers

By filtering out small changes in visual information, like movie continuity errors, the human brain is able to keep a stable picture of what's going on around us.
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