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The Wedge: New documentary chronicles the perfect point break

RH Greene

Bob Rogers, writer, host, and co-producer of “The Wedge: Dynasty, Tragedy, Legacy,” which was directed by Off-Ramp contributor RH Greene.

The Wedge: Dynasty, Legacy, Tragedy

The Wedge in 1936.

In the 1920s, the Newport Harbor channel in Orange County was such an amazing surfing spot that Duke Kahanamoku — the original Big Kahuna — relocated from Hawaii so he could surf Newport daily.

But that perfect point break routinely wrecked ships and took lives. Off-Ramp contributor R.H. Greene has directed a new TV documentary called "The Wedge: Dynasty, Tragedy, Legacy." It tells the story of the Rogers, one of Newport's founding families, and the Depression-era tragedy that changed their lives and the California coastline forever.

“The Wedge: Dynasty, Tragedy, Legacy” is written, hosted and co-produced by filmmaker and family scion Bob Rogers, who joined Greene for an interview in Newport Beach.

"The Wedge: Dynasty, Tragedy, Legacy" premieres Friday, May 23, at 6:30 pm on PBS SoCal Plus.

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