You can never leave the Hotel California - Off-Ramp for May 17, 2014

LA Chamber Orchestra maestro moots major/minor myth

Jeffrey Kahane

Michael Burke

Jeffrey Kahane of LACO

Over the past few weeks, I've been playing you parts of my piano bench interview with Jeffrey Kahane, the maestro of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, who will step down as LACO's music director in 2017.

We've talked about Bach, the Clippers, and why it's okay to clap between movements (!) at classical concerts. This week, I ask Kahane why major keys make us happy and minor keys make us sad. It's not an accurate premise, and Kahane proves me wrong using his weapon of choice: the keyboard.

Meantime, LACO concludes its season this weekend with pianist Jeremy Denk playing Bach, Mozart, Ligeti and Beethoven. Saturday, May 17, 8 pm, at Glendale’s Alex Theatre; and Sunday, May 18, 7 pm, at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

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