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Changing themselves: Marc Maron and Zoey Tur - Off-Ramp for May 24, 2014

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Marc Maron, author, broadcaster, comedian, in LA's Highland Park neighborhood.
John Rabe goes to LA's Highland Park neighborhood to talk with Marc Maron about his memoir "Attempting Normal," which is just about to celebrate its 500th episode.
John Rabe talks with LA Times columnist Chris Erskine about the rally planned Sunday, June 1, to urge the Dodgers and Time Warner Cable to solve the TV snafu.
John Rabe continues his candid interviews with Zoey Tur, the former hyper-macho helicopter pilot Bob Tur, now just weeks away from her final surgery and hoping to return to TV.
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Jonathan Gold names Providence best restaurant in LA

Michael Cimarusti, owner/chef of Providence, the two-star Michelin restaurant, is a damn good chef. But he's a humble one, and came back from a fellowship to Japan with a new respect for the thousands of years behind Japan's cuisine. Come inside as he gives Off-Ramp an exclusive travelogue of his trip.
Mercer 10319
For a really good gourmet regional Mexican meal, you can go to Rivera in downtown LA, where it's easy to drop a hundred bucks. Or, you can dine at one of a number of restaurants here that are tan auténticos y deliciosos, pero menos caros. The Eat-LA/Off-Ramp Collaboration returns this week with a visit to La Casita Mexicana in Bell, where the food is affordable, delicious, and authentic.

COME INSIDE for the full list of restaurants we talk about.

Marcus Eriksen

Scientist-sculptor addresses plastic pollution — with plastic

He's traveled the world in search of one thing — plastics. Using the bottles and bags we throw away, he turns them into art, and he hopes we'll develop better solutions to plastics pollution.
Stuntman Jim Wilkey flipped the 18-wheeler in "The Dark Knight," and his grandfather-in-law was the most famous stuntman of all time.

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