The only good news out of OJ's slow speed chase - Off-Ramp for June 14, 2014

Dana Vahle and Zoey Tur, who as Dirk Vahle and Bob Tur, were the first two TV chopper pilots to follow OJ on June 17, 1994. They were arch enemies; now they're friends.
Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Zoey Tur and Dana Vahle, who 20 years ago were Bob and Dirk, macho TV chopper pilots competing for video of OJ slow-speed chase.
"Christ’s Entry into Brussels," by James Ensor, the centerpiece of "The Scandalous Art of James Ensor," at the Getty Center through Sept. 7.
Of all the artists of over a century ago, James Ensor would probably have done best in Zap Comix. Much of his work is rooted in obscenities akin S. Clay Wilson's and R. Crumb’s.
O.J. Simpson had said he'd surrender that morning, avoid all the cameras and the hoo-ha, but then he cut and ran, and for hours, it was a game of where's O.J.?
The Peacocks of Palos Verdes
In bucolic Rolling Hills Estates, a murder mystery is unfolding, featuring local politics, warring neighbors and at least 50 victims.

Route 66 icon Wigwam Motel's owner to be crowned Americana royalty

Only in America could Rialto's Native American-themed Wigwam Motel be lovingly restored by an Indian-American born on Route 66.
LACMA has just opened one of the most impressive displays of 20th Century European painting in its history. It’s about the Expressionists, and how they got that way.
Tail o the Pup
The legendary walk up stand closed in 2005, but its memory lives on. Soon enough you'll be able to dine at this hot dog shaped eatery once again.

Supporters of High Line concept hold wake for a historic LA River bridge

Supporters of the Figueroa-Riverside Bridge hold a wake to mourn the historic bridge's imminent demise.
Croatian Soccer

World Cup 2014: Croatian community in LA roots for their homeland team

In the first of our series looking at L.A.'s communities through the lens of the World Cup, KPCC visits fans of underdog Croatia as it goes up against top-ranked Brazil.

San Pedro's 'living treasure' Harry Hall celebrates his 101st birthday

Harry Hall was born in 1913, and he’s lived in San Pedro ever since. Friends, family and fans flocked to the English pub last Friday to celebrate Harry’s 101st birthday.

Dylan Brody to Dad: Happy Father's Day ... kinda

A push-pull ambivalent Happy Father's Day from Off-Ramp commentator Dylan Brody to his MIT playwright father, Alan.
 LA Film Fest

LA Film Fest turns 20 with a tribute to local films

The Los Angeles Film Festival kicks off today. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the festival and will feature a special crop of movies where the city of Angels plays a starring role.
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