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KPCC's Mike Roe breaks his pedometer at San Diego Comic Con

by John Rabe and Mike Roe | Off-Ramp®

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Mike Roe, KPCC's pop culture blogger, at San Diego Comic Con Friday morning. Mike Roe

KPCC pop culture bogger Mike Roe is at Comic Con, one of 125,000 people who have descended on San Diego for the annual convention, and boy are his feet sore. In the first night, he says he logged 10,000 steps on his pedometer.

Comic Con is not just about comic books anymore, but about everything remotely connected with them, like video games, movies, TV shows, music groups, and products. And people in the industry use it to promote new stuff. Mike says sometimes they succeed - like with the new Godzilla movie - and sometimes  they don't, like with the Tron reboot.

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In our conversation Friday morning, Mike talked about seeing Kiefer Sutherland tell a great story about how he stopped what he thought was a mugging ...

WATCH Kiefer Sutherland tell the infamous story

... and about how you don't even have to go to Comic Con itself to enjoy the fun in San Diego.

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