Labor Day BBQ grilling and relationship tips - Off-Ramp for August 30, 2014

'Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide,' final edition — a death in the family

R.H. Greene talks with Leonard Maltin and critics about the death of Maltin's indispensable movie guide. The 2015 edition is the last one.
Matt the Mattress at the Bureau of Sanitation
KPCC's Molly Peterson and Kevin Ferguson left a mattress on the curb with a GPS tracker in it. Four days later, it got picked up. Where did it go?
In April, a FedEx truck slammed into a bus full of high school seniors from Southern California, on their way to tour Humboldt State University. Five of the students died, and the survivors, many of them injured, had some big decisions to make, including where to go to college.
Dudamels Debut

Meet the pair who ignite the Hollywood Bowl's fireworks show

Helmed by pyrotechnician Eric Elias and score reader Sara Hiner, setting off fireworks to music is a performance in and of itself.
"More American Art" is a great way to christen tons of new gallery space and show that the Huntington isn't just "The Blue Boy."

Cypress Park evangelist William Matelyan hit by car, killed

William Matelyan is preaching gospel from his growing temple inside a Cypress Park auto body shop. Off-Ramp's Jerry Gorin reports.

Russ Parsons: How to throw a BBQ and not kill your partner

LA Times food writer Russ Parsons gives advice on throwing a barbecue that you - the chef -can enjoy. And your spouse can, too.
Simpsons Spelling Bee stilll
A funny thing happened to KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez a few weeks ago: He heard his name turned into a brief joke on the Simpsons.
The Rentals
Matt Sharp's synth-heavy solo project, The Rentals, is back again with a new album featuring contributions from members of the Black Keys, Lucius, and Ozma.
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