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Hit @LosFelizDayCare Twitter feed shoots down helicopter parents

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

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Jason Shapiro, who chows down on the helicopter parent zeitgeist with his Twitter feed LosFelizDayCare, which is Parks & Rec meets Welcome to Night Vale. Courtesy Jason Shapiro

If you live in or around Los Feliz and send your little person to daycare with a sack of organic carrots and a yoga mat, you might want to skip this segment. You're going to be disappointed in public radio.

If not, welcome to Los Feliz Day Care, a hit Twitter feed run by comedy writer Jason Shapiro. It has 16,600 followers as of Thursday, and here's why:

Los Feliz Day Care (humanely) captures the neighborhood's helicopter parent zeitgeist, then skewers and roasts it like a tofu shish kebab — and in a way, the feed has a kind of echo of "Welcome to Nightvale."

The kids' names are one of the best parts of the feed: Beckett, Tallulah, Ranger — but you'll have to listen to our interview to discover if little Kai is named for the handsomest man in public radio.

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