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Tiki Ti to reopen after "indefinitely" turns into two weeks

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

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The Tiki Ti hasn't changed much since this photo was taken in 1986. Leo Jarzomb/LAPL Herald-Examiner collection

UPDATE 5/22: The LA Times says the Tiki Ti is reopening today.  Vicky Buhen told the paper, "We are definitely coming back Friday." I told you guys not to worry.

The owners of the Tiki Ti on Sunset say they're closing indefinitely, but will return.

So until the Buhen family can custom craft your Jet Pilot or Painkiller again, come back with us to 2007, when Off-Ramp took you inside the Tiki Ti on Sunset Boulevard and the owners made you a virtual tiki drink.

(This piece was part of a three part Off-Ramp tiki extravaganza, including a visit to the now-gone Trader Vic's and a fabulous home tiki bar.)

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