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Patt Morrison remembers the 1986 LA Public Library fire

by John Rabe and Patt Morrison | Off-Ramp®

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Off-Ramp host John Rabe and the LA Times' and KPCC's Patt Morrison, at the west entrance of the rebuilt LA Public Library. John Rabe

In December, one of L.A.’s biggest arson fires gutted the huge DaVinci apartment complex. Mayor Garcetti said the fire caused up to $90m damage, and another official said, it "could have been a lot worse. Wind change, different atmospheric conditions, it could have been a $200m fire."

Tuesday, after a 6-month investigation, they arrested a suspect, who has pleaded not guilty.

The torching of the DaVinci was the biggest unsolved arson downtown since the LA Public Library burned on April 29, 1986. That’s a day Off-Ramp contributor Patt Morrison remembers well, and I spoke with her about it on the west steps of the library.

(The library burns. Credit: LAPL/ Security Pacific National Bank Collection)

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