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Demonstrator: We need to get our of the echo chamber, talk with folks we don't agree with

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

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Social media influencer Richard Nevels, at LAPD headquarters Friday with KPCC's Annie Gilbertson Joseph Mustin of @freebasephotos

Demonstrators gathered Friday morning outside LAPD headquarters.

At one point, Richard Nevels, a social media influencer, says there were about 300, called to gather after news of the Dallas Police Shootings started coming through.

"Truth be told," he told me, "we're all trying to make it home to our loved ones. What happened in Dallas, we're not going to have that here. "

How do we keep that from happening?

"We start having a conversation. Everyone is having the conversation, but they're having the wrong conversation. Everyone's having the conversation with like-minded people." Instead, he says, we need to get out of the echo chamber and do a better job of engaging  with people we don't agree with, or don't understand.

For much more of our conversation, listen to the audio.


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