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Art, donuts, Cheech, La Santa Cecilia, and a cool new bar.

Portrait of a Rabe as a sleepy man
Portrait of a Rabe as a sleepy man
John Rabe/ KPCC

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Director Ava Duvernay on her new documentary, “13th,” as in the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which banned slavery ... Backstage with La Santa Cecelia, a Grammy-winning LA band that tells modern stories with traditional music ... Frank Romero finally has his first major museum retrospective, and he's interviewed by Cheech Marin ... Another “date which lives in infamy” is the day FDR ordered the imprisonment of 120-thousand Japanese-Americans, and it happened 75 years ago this weekend ... We get a sneak peek at “Girl at the White Horse,” a brand new cocktail bar at Sunset and Western, owned by the son of the Shah of Iran’s social secretary.