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Off-Ramp Recommends: Get off your keister this Easter!

A woman carries meals to guests at the Midnight Mission's Easter Brunch in downtown Los Angeles in 2015.
A woman carries meals to guests at the Midnight Mission's Easter Brunch in downtown Los Angeles in 2015.
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This Sunday is Easter Sunday, but it's easy to get overwhelmed or to forget the spiritual side of the holidays. So here are some ideas for reconnecting, or just getting out of the house.

Why not volunteer at the Skid Row Midnight Mission!  Every year the shelter puts together a massive brunch for both Easter and Passover. This year they expect to serve 4,000 pounds of chicken and all the sides for a 10am-1pm brunch.  Some celebrities will be spending the day there as well: Mr. T will be distributing new clothes, and Dick Van Dyke will be lending a hand. The Easter Bunny may also be making an appearance inside the "Easter Village." To help out, email: volunteer@midnightmission.org.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church hosts an actual Sunrise Service on the sands of Hermosa Beach. You'll have to get up early for this parish's tradition. At 6am Sunday, congregants gather at 11th Street & The Strand. They recommend you bring their own chairs, a sweatshirt, and blanket to take in the mass and enjoy the sunrise over the horizon.

Check out Pasadena's funky Bunny Museum! This museum is the product of a lifetime collecting rabbit figurines, memorabilia, and pictures. The owners have a Guinness World Record for their hare collection, and the museum has been ranked "#1 Best Weird Museum in Los Angeles" as well as "#1 Cutest Museum in Los Angeles". The premise does have live rabbits running around. Admission is $8 and you're asked to bring a treat for the bunnies.

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