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Off-Ramp Recommends: Walk (or stumble) through Brewery Artwalk!

by Rosalie Atkinson | Off-Ramp®

Visitors to the April 2008 Brewery Art Walk in LA take a tour of the art in artist Dave Lefner's loft Omar Kalifornia/Flickr/Creative Commons

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Twice a year, Los Angeles' largest art space opens up for a free art appreciation event. The building was once the Pabst Blue Ribbon factory, hence the "Brewery" in "Brewery Artwalk," so you know the beer will be flowing. This year, the Brewery Art Association turns 35!

LA's former Pabst Blue Ribbon factory was converted into an artist community in 1982.
LA's former Pabst Blue Ribbon factory was converted into an artist community in 1982. KPCC

The PBR factory became an art space in 1982, following the passing of the Artist-in-Residence Code, stating artists could rent live/work spaces in industrial zoned warehouses and buildings. Since then, the complex has gathered multi-medium artists: painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, and experimental media.  

More than 100 of the Brewery Art Association's resident artists will be opening their studio spaces to share new and original work with you. Art and/or beer lovers are invited to chat with the artists and discover their new favorite pieces within their own community.

The Brewery Art Walk takes place Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th, from 11am-6pm. Admission and parking are free at the complex, located at 2100 North Main Street.

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