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Mayor Garcetti's Q&A in John's car was almost over... until Hizzoner saw the backgammon game

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

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Off-Ramp host John Rabe and Mayor Eric Garcetti playing backgammon in John’s car. Julian “The First Lady of Off-Ramp” Bermudez in the passenger seat with camera. Andrea Garcia

John Rabe’s last show coincides with Eric Garcetti’s inauguration for his second term as Mayor of Los Angeles. In John's car, the two talked about:

  • The joys of exploring Los Angeles
  • The time the future Mayor's mom and dad took his drivers' license away
  • Where Justin Trudeau should visit when he comes to LA
  • And how the drop in crime has led to more people doing the Off-Ramp thing

The Mayor also did some slam poetry, and then played a competitive game of backgammon. Listen with the audio player to see who was brown and who was white. And listen to Off-Ramp on the radio to find out who won the game! (Saturday at noon/Sunday at 6pm)

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