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The Penultimate Off-Ramp ... and a naked neutered mummy and the Italians who love him

We talk with one of LA’s experts on relics, mummies, crypts, and the way we live with death ... KPCC Science Reporter Matt Bloom looks at the fungal disease killing droves of LA ficus trees ... The amazing career of Ruth Batchelor: one of NPR’s first film critics, founder of the LA Film Critics association, and songwriter for Elvis ... We celebrate the 50th anniversary the Monterey Pop Music Festival ... Chris Greenspon, former intern and freelancer for Off-Ramp, and now its last producer, remembers the first time he ever heard the show.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Grassroots Trans Pride

We sample astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson's talk last weekend at the Aero Theatre, where he gave his top three StarTrek guests ... We'll preview Trans Pride and meet punk singer Drew Arriola Sands, whose career only took off after she transitioned from male to female ... Meet The Crenshaw Cowboy, dances next to his spaceship in Mid-City ... Hank Rosenfeld's card to his late father. We'll hear a poignant Father's Day card from contributor Hank Rosenfeld. Hank plays tape of him and his late father – a World War Two vet and shoe store magnate - driving around their hometown, talking about life.

What color are these Muppets? A little blue.

Brian Henson pays tribute to his dad Jim's bawdier side in "Puppet Up! Uncensored" ... A new history of "The Twilight Zone" ... A restaurant where you'll be served by our robot overlords ... We talk with the dancing homeless Crenshaw Cowboy by his spaceship ... And rescuing The Formosa Cafe, a piece of Hollywood history. (Photo: Cypress Park. John Rabe)


The quaint husband wife business of 1-800-AUTOPSY

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, Vidal and Vicki Herrera might be the closest thing to Ghostbusters you've got... In Redlands there's a circus even PETA would approve of... an exhibit at the Huntington Library looks at Octavia Butler through her own notes and letters she left behind... Taylor Orci guest hosts and she's filled with joy about the whole thing. (Photo: Vidal Herrera/Credit: Andy Holtzman LA Daily News) 

An oasis in the Southern California desert: The Institute of Mentalphysics

A seeker and a famous son build a city in the High Desert: Ding Le Mei and Lloyd Wright's Institute of Mentalphysics ... John rides in the last B-24 ... Jean-Michel Jarre is in town this weekend: go see him. WARNING: This episode has NO Twin Peaks spoilers (David Lynch, 2016, by John Rabe).

Remembering the 'Buddy Rich' of punk, and Tiny Tim's Tin Pan Alley soundtrack

A new album from the late oddball singer Tiny Tim, who was, among many other things, an astounding musicologist, with a focus on obscure Tin Pan Alley songs. ... A new investigation by NBC-4 raises serious questions about possible collusion between the owners of a kids camp and a state agency that oversees toxic sites. ... RIP Keith Mitchell, famous drummer for Mazzy Star, but also the "Buddy Rich of punk rock." (That's him far left in Lynda Burdik photo of The Romans)