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Do go gentle into that good nap

Art, donuts, Cheech, La Santa Cecilia, and a cool new bar.

Director Ava Duvernay on her new documentary, “13th,” as in the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which banned slavery ... Backstage with La Santa Cecelia, a Grammy-winning LA band that tells modern stories with traditional music ... Frank Romero finally has his first major museum retrospective, and he's interviewed by Cheech Marin ... Another “date which lives in infamy” is the day FDR ordered the imprisonment of 120-thousand Japanese-Americans, and it happened 75 years ago this weekend ... We get a sneak peek at “Girl at the White Horse,” a brand new cocktail bar at Sunset and Western, owned by the son of the Shah of Iran’s social secretary.

Saving sea lions, and listening to jazz at The Blue Whale

We spend a day with the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, which rescues all kinds of animals, but this time of year helps the growing number of sea lions that strand themselves on the beach ... Marc Haefele applauds a new program that has LACMA putting on exhibits in other museums around the Southland ... The Blue Whale, now one of Southern California’s hippest spots for live jazz ... How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without paying a fortune for a fixed-price meal.

Who was Oscar Levant? Even Homer Simpson knows

You know him as the voice of Homer Simpson, but Dan Castellaneta is also a serious writer and his new passion is a play exploring the inner life of one of the last century’s most intriguing talents: Oscar Levant, one of the first performers to be open about his mental illness. ... Off-Ramp commentator Dylan Brody often tells us about his failure to convince entertainment executives to buy his comedy specials. It’s almost like they’re writing his material for them. But now, Dylan is going to have to find something new to talk about, because NextUp Comedy has just bought one of his shows. ... You know Out of the Closet and St Vincent DePaul, two huge charities that use thrift stores to support their mission. But we’ll take you to a strip mall in Silverlake, to a tiny thrift store that’s been supporting the work of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic for almost 20 years.

Kenzi Shiokava  - 7

From a warehouse in Compton to the tallest restaurant in the West ...

You want an Only-in-LA story? Try this: a 78-year old Japanese-Brazilian-American artist who works in Compton, was Marlon Brando's gardener, and got his first big break at the Hammer Museum last year. ... How would you feel about living in a murder house? How about a house where the wife’s lover – who lived in the attic – shot the husband? It's in Silver Lake. ... We ride the elevator 71 floors to the top of the US Bank Tower to talk with the owner and chef of the tallest restaurant in the West. Take a virtual tour inside Elizabeth Taylor’s home with photographer Catherine Opie, who got exclusive access to Taylor’s house at 700 Nimes Road.

Janice Hicks explains geosynchronous orbit to a clueless Taylor Orci

The Day After, in LA and DC

On the day after the Trump Inauguration, we go live to Washington DC and downtown LA to talk with participants in the two planned marches ... We’ll watch "Hidden Figures" with a woman and her mom … who happens to have been a NASA contractor. ... We get another Do It Yourself film festival from critic Tim Cogshell. This one includes "Live Nude Girls," "Living Out Loud," and "The Quick and the Dead."

Goodbye to the Pink Lady and The Formosa; hello 8-Bit music and Joshua Tree

We pay tribute to Lynne Westmore Bloom, who died last week. In 1966, her giant pink naked lady appeared over the Malibu Canyon tunnel, delighting many, and pissing off local officials. ... Sanden Totten, of the science podcast Brains On, takes us to Joshua Tree and explains how its shrubs, animals, and Joshua Trees survive. ... The Formosa Café just closed, so we'll talk about its role as a creative touchstone, a shorthand when you need to evoke the glamour of Old Hollywood. ... 8-Bit music is the sound of old school video games, and it’s now a genre for musicians who like its simplicity and the era it evokes. We’ll tell you about an 8-bit music festival happening this weekend in LA.