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langers langer's deli pastrami

Pastrami navelgazing at Langer's Deli, and a broadside aimed at hipster chefs

Marc Haefele considers "Breaking News" at the Getty Center, which shows how broken newsgathering has often been; In "Broke," KPCC's Rina Palta and Priska Neely look at California's growing homeless problem; Taylor Orci talks pastrami and deli menus with Norm Langer; and Gustavo Arellano tells hipster chefs to look away from Mexico for inspiration in 2017.

Celebrate the New Year by celebrating Off-Ramp!

It's the Off-Ramp 10th anniversary special: Off-Ramp Live. Harbor Party, Musker&Clements, David Whitfield, Rico Gagliano, Chris Redd, and much more, live onstage in downtown LA.

Christmas Ornament, flocked tree

Not your grandparents' A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Redux brings together all the good, bad, fun, and thoughtful aspects of Dickens' classic tale of redemption, which also almost singlehandedly created the modern Christmas holiday.

Saving Lytton Savings and Remembering Alan Thicke

We go to the Sunset Strip to see how activists are trying to save Lytton Savings from demolition, a beautiful Mid-Century Modern representation of the California Dream ... Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Ave, Baldwin Lake, Lucky Baldwin’s Pub … So who was Baldwin? A womanizing schemer who once owned much of the San Gabriel Valley and created Arcadia as a mini-Vegas ... We check in with the 77-year old woman we talked with last week, who finds herself homeless for the holidays for the first time in her life. And a reading of “The Night Before Christmas” with Rachel Bloom, Salman Rushdie, Alex Cohen, Larry Mantle, Adam Carolla, Kathleen Turner, and NPR's Sylvia Poggioli.

John Rabe Off-Ramp Live

Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Christmas Elf Agin

Griffith Park, one of LA’s most beloved spots, is turning 120. Too bad its namesake was an alcoholic, murderous misanthrope who thought the pope was plotting against him. ... We talk with a 77-year-old woman who's found herself homeless for the first time, forced into a short sale of the home they shared. ... If you love classical music on the radio, but hate the stodgy attitude, you’re a fan of Rich Capparela, who is semi-retiring as KUSC's afternoon drive DJ. ... It is traditional when SantaCon rolls around each year to talk with the Santa fans who dress as St Nick. So of course we'll talk with an elf.

Why you would have hated drinking cocktails in 1966

LACMA marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a huge show, but leaves out one important fact: Martin Luther was a horrible anti-Semite ... The LA Zoo marks its 50th birthday with a 1966 cocktail party. So, just what cocktails were people drinking then (You don't want to know)? ... We’ll take you to a racetrack where the cars do thousand-foot laps in 17-seconds, cost 4-thousand dollars, and are as big as a shoebox ... We go to Newport Beach to see possibly the most awesome Christmas light display you’ll ever see. The man who did the work says he started planning it this summer. There will be penguins.