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Off-Ramp Recommends: Festival replicates old school Film Noir experience

An A picture and a B picture every night at the 19th annual Film Noir Festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, which starts today.

Taylor Orci/KPCC

Where limos, hearses, and falcon hunting go hand in hand

When it comes to customizing luxury vehicles, the three have more in common than you might think... if you ever thought about it at all.

Clark Dugger

Veteran actors and producers in Palm Springs bring back the Golden Age of radio

Peter Marshall of “The Hollywood Squares,” Gavin McLeod and Joyce Bulifant of “Mary Tyler Moore,” Millicent Martinfrom Broadway and “Frasier.” With the median age well above 70, nearly everyone in the production has a personal connection to Golden Age radio.

Bach in the Subways

Off-Ramp Recommends: Bach in the Subways

To celebrate the birthday of composer Johann Sebastian Bach, classical musicians are taking to the streets (really, UNDER them) to share their love of classical music.

Off-Ramp Recommends: an aeronautic pioneer at the Women at War lecture series

The lecture will focus on Iris's experience in the war effort, the importance of women in the armed forces, and how her experiences have informed her life.

Courtesy Donna Fuller

Donna Fuller: What a voice, and what a life!

85-year old jazz contralto Donna Fuller performed in Playboy Jazz clubs, toured with Christine Jorgensen, was A-list adjacent, and made two really good albums you should listen to.

LA Public Library/Gary Leonard Collection

'No Justice, No Peace’ -- California African American Museum recalls Rodney King Riots

The evening of the Rodney King verdict of April 29 seemed baleful, overcast with clouds of ambient anger. There was a powerful sense of something gone very wrong.
The Twilight Zone - The Encounter

still from the episode

Before 'Get Out,' 'Twilight Zone' failed at racism as a monster

Decades before "Get Out," it was a missed opportunity. It only ran once.

John Rabe/Grant Wood/Michael Uhlenkott

George Takei's almost 80 years celebrated at the Japanese American National Museum

On the occasion of "'New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei," a new exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum that opens Sunday, I had to speak with George Takei himself about his long life and career.

John Rabe

Exclusive first look at JANM's 'New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei'

The Japanese American National Museum backed up a couple of trucks to George Takei's house, accepting the donation of his vast personal archive. The new exhibit — "New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei" — opens Sunday.