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Photo by Maris Kaplan via Flickr Creative Commons

Off-Ramp Recommends: 'Stay young, go dancing'

LA has multiple cheap or free events this weekend to get you out into the city and have you considering a shaking your groove-thang.

Searching for Ruth Batchelor: LA Film Critics Association's founder

Men review almost all movies. Maybe that's why Ruth Batchelor founded LAFCA. Because she lived in that world. She covered it. And then left behind a hidden legacy.

John Rabe

Interview in the mausoleum with relics expert Elizabeth Harper

In an Altadena mausoleum, John Rabe and Elizabeth Harper, of the website All the Saints You Should Know, talk about accepting death as a way of living a better life. Harper and Atlas Obscura tour the cathedral July 1.

Off-Ramp Recommends: Getting 'Off the 405'

It doesn't get more scenic and quintessentially Los Angeles than La Luz at The Getty

Creative Commons via Flickr user Thomas Hawk

Off-Ramp's producer found the show through a billboard

He was smiling, until he heard singing hippies. “Should I stay?" He asked. He did, because the next piece was Dylan Brody letting his dogs soil his neighbor’s lawn.
Trap Girl cross

Amina Cruz

The Rise of Trap Girl: South Gate's trans punk diva

Drew Arriola-Sands started Trap Girl ready to defend her band; it turned out she didn't need to. Now, they're at the center of LA's exploding queer hardcore scene.

REVIEW: CAAM'S exhibit on the disappearing black woman

"The Evanesced" was inspired by #SayHerName and LA's Grim Sleeper serial killer. Inky nudes appear to be sinking into the canvas. Or are they reemerging from it?

Off-Ramp Recommends: Spending a day with your "dad"

It might be weird to ask the men in our life "What the hell do you want?" under the veil of Father's Day, so to spare you we've compiled some ideas.
Degrasse Tyson Cinematheque

Robert Enger

Neil deGrasse Tyson's top 3 StarTalk guests

A space lieutenant, a social media wunderkind, and the author of a Sherlockian novel - who just so happens to be the NBA's all-time leading scorer.
Piper Laurie re-enacts "Carrie" with Off-Ramp host John Rabe

John Rabe

Good news/Bad news from Off-Ramp host John Rabe

After 11 years of exploring the best city on Earth, John Rabe is retiring Off-Ramp to take an exciting new job at KPCC.