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Their Hollywood Bowl picnic beats your Hollywood Bowl picnic - Off-Ramp 8/22/2015

Kristen Lepore thought she had picnic game until she went to the Hollywood Bowl ... Kevin Ferguson explores the world of actors who pretend to be patients to train doctors ... Brains On! explains why your house cat puts up with you.

Pothole filling 8th & Bixel

'Oooh! Ouch! Ow! Oh!' Watching cars hit potholes in downtown LA - Off-Ramp 8-15-2015

Sharon McNary takes us pothole watching; Collin Friesen locks us in a room; Salma Hayek backs The Prophet.

Portrait Of Marlon Brando

How to avoid a 5-year old's birthday meltdown (hint: hire a princess) - Off-Ramp 8-8-2015

We meet one of the hundreds of party princesses who work in Southern California; Patt Morrison remembers her friendship with Marlon Brando; Brains On!, the science podcast for kids; LA's secret tunnels.

'To Live and Dine in L.A.' - Off-Ramp for August 1, 2015

"Kogi" chef Roy Choi and Patt Morrison on the LAPL's menu exhibit -- I grew up on Bunker Hill -- a new strategy to restart Angel's Flight -- the coyote catcher -- the gang war rumors

Jeffrey Vallance sees dead artists - Off-Ramp for July 25, 2015

Jeffrey Vallance's new show, "The Medium is the Message" ... Brains On! explores kids and language ... are robot underpants the next fitness trend? ... Factchecking "True Detective's" bullet train plotline ... Tired of lists separated by elipses?

Secrets of 'Clueless' and The Dodgers revealed on Off-Ramp for July 18, 2015

Amy Heckerling helps us celebrate the 20th birthday of "Clueless," Molly Knight gets the bakcstory on the Dodgers sale, and we dig Glendale's historic Rockhaven Sanitarium.