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Corita Kent licked hate with her LOVE stamp - Off-Ramp for June 6, 2015

Corita Kent, world's best-selling artist; Mary Jones, first trained librarian, ousted for a man: Charles Lummis; three women directors find their muse at the L.A. Film Festival.

Delicious Radio - Off-Ramp for May 30, 2015

Mary Jones, the city librarian you should know about; jellyfish get the spotlight at the Aquarium; showering with Sanden Totten;

My Friend's Place - organized chaos at a youth homeless center. Off-Ramp for May 23, 2015

Visit the youth homeless center that inspired Miley Cyrus's Happy Hippie Foundation ... The Cactus Store, the garden store for the drought-conscious ... Ride with Angelyne!

Phyllis Lutjeans, 85, the TV talk show host "held hostage" by Chris Burden in 1972, in her garden in Irvine.

Remembering artist Chris Burden on Off-Ramp for May 16, 2015

From knife-wielding performance artist to creator of our Happy Place - may Chris Burden RIP. Win a chance to ride with Angelyne. And why does the sun make you sneeze?

John Rabe aboard the Collings Foundation's B-24, the last still flying

Fly in an 'Unbroken' B-24 with Off-Ramp - May 9, 2015

Luke Zamperini and Off-Ramp fly in the last B-24; Temple Grandin and an ABC journalist consider autism; we tour a homeless camp along the Arroyo Seco.

Mercer 18888

#ISeeChange ... but do you see global warming? Off-Ramp for May 2, 2015

Matching anecdotal evidence with scientific proof of global warming ... Billy the Mime speaks ... Why walk 16 miles of Wilshire Blvd ... Brains On! ... Larry Mantle on The Big Fight