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Moscow Cats

A circus, of house cats? John Rabe investigates.

Rio De Los Angeles

KPCC's Molly Peterson talks with John about Rio De Los Angeles (a.k.a. Taylor Yard). It's a converted railroad yard in the Cyprus Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.
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Graffiti Vandal

In 1988, a Chicano teenager, who goes by the nom-de-aerosal "Toomer" started a tagging crew called "T-K-O." KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez met up with Toomer and his crew as they painted a mural in South Central LA.

Graffiti Removal

Queena Kim spent a morning with the Boyle Heights graffiti removal crew. The crew removes over 250,000 square feet of graffiti every month.

Drawing the Thin Blue Line

Youth Justice Coalition is an organization that fights inequalities in LA County's juvenile justice system. YJC says that the police are increasingly stopping youths who simply look like taggers. In one case, the possession a Sharpie landed a YJC member in county jail.
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The Beetle Is Big

To mark the Unique Little Car Show in West Covina, John goes for a ride in a Nash Metropolitan and discovers high M-P-G cars are nothing new.
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The Train Shop that Couldn't

John goes to Culver City to visit the world's biggest train store in its final days. Rising rents and the Internet are leading Allied Model Trains to downsize.
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The Thill is Gone

In 1945, Jerrie Thill jumped into her '38 Dodge Coupe and drove from Dubuque to the coast. Now, Jerry Thill is turning 90, and she's playing one last gig tomorrow at El Cid in Silverlake.
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Imus gets Dressed Down

Off-Ramp commentator Antronette Yancey gives former CBS radio host Don Imus a dressing down.
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New Kid on the Block

This week, 26-year old Gustavo Dudamel was named the new conductor of the LA Philharmonic. Adolfo Guzman Lopez met the Venezuelan prodigy