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Mercer 7373

Short Attention Span Theatre

G4 is the fastest growing TV network, largely because it recognizes the waning importance of TV. John Rabe tells us what young men watch before they become public radio listeners.
Mercer 7640

Architectural Texture

This week on Off-Ramp, architecture critic Sam Hall Kaplan introduces us to Venice past and present.
Mercer 7641

It's Not a Knack

Fairfax flea market vendor Charles has been in the business for 51 years. His secret? Andrea Domanick reports.
Mercer 7642

Fresh from the Can

Chef Nancy Silverton tells John Rabe about her new cookbook, "A Twist of the Wrist" and explains why she's never opened a can of baked beans until now.
Mercer 7643

Sopranos Sleep with the Fishes

The Sopranos ended abruptly this week, sparking myriad theories and debates from fans. Andrea Domanick reports.
Mercer 7644

Beyond Muscle Beach

John Rabe visited the canals of Venice with architecture critic Sam Hall Kaplan. The verdict: it's worth the fight to find parking.
Mercer 7645

Artists At Eden's Edge

Every week, Off-Ramp profiles one of the local artists exhibited in "Eden's Edge." This time, meet Jim Shaw, who does drawing, painting, sculpture, and renditions of lurid paperback covers.
Mercer 7646

Humble Art

Photographer John Humble, who is currently on exhibit at the Getty, explains why he's drawn to LA's ugly side.

Exene's L.A.

Exene Cervenka has an art show up in Culver City. This reminded Queena Kim of an interview she'd done with the punk legend several years ago.

The Art of Punk

KPCC's Adolfo Guzman Lopez drops-in on Exene's new art exhibit of her work. It traces her punk rock travels and her emotional trips.