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Mercer 7627

Hello Tiki-Ti

John Rabe drops in on the venerable Tiki Ti bar in Silverlake.
Mercer 7628

Tiki Tribute

John Rabe goes to a Tiki warehouse in Whittier and visits a couple who've spent nearly 20-years investing in their Tiki bar.

Ghost in the Machine

History will be made at Disney Hall, at a concert featuring ten Theremins, the first electronic instrument. Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim has our report.
Mercer 7629

Dad's in Jail

Meet Jim Gates, a middle-aged guy who recently picked his dad up from prison. Philip Gates was arrested for protesting at the School of the Americas.
Mercer 7581

For want of a fingernail...

Joe Domanick gives us the update on the Phil Spector trial: the women, the chauffeur and fingernail.
Mercer 7630

Eve's Apple

Meet Monica Majoli, an artist featured in Eden's Edge at the Hammer, she's fascinated by gay rubbermen.
Mercer 7631

Urban Survivalist

Off-Ramp spent a few hours with urban survivalist Christopher Nyerges learning how to eat lizards and foxtails.
Mercer 7632

Web Extra

This truck was spotted in Little Tokyo. If you have more information about it, send an e-mail to
Mercer 7620

Mapping Eden

In coming weeks, Off-Ramp will introduce you to the artists featured in Eden's Edge, a new exhibit at the Hammer Museum.
Mercer 7621

At Eden's Edge

The Hammer Museum at UCLA has just opened a major exhibit of contemporary art called Eden's Edge. The show focuses on Southern California's established and emerging artists.