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The Politics of Marriage

"Andy Rooney" asks: what's been going on in the minds of City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The Nancy Drew Philes

Right in time for the new movie, the Nancy Drew convention is in town. Queena Kim had an adventure with Jen Fisher, the president of the Nancy Drew Sleuths.
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Farewell to Rachael Myrow

This week, the KPCC crew said goodbye to veteran reporter Rachael Myrow. John Rabe reports from Rachael's send-off.

Have something to tell us?

Leave a message: 213.621.3404. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman Lopez did.

Music Featured on the Show

Betcha "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" doesn't have a band named after them. "Hallmark Holiday" by The Offramps from the band's album "hate it when you're right."
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Artists at Eden's Edge

The Hammer Museum is showing a major exhibit of contemporary art, called Eden's Edge. Matt Greene is one of the featured artists.
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Hitting the Links

Frank Stoltze spends a day at L.A.'s most popular golf course, and runs into one of the first African-Americans to play at Griffith Park, and the would-be next Tiger Woods.
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Holy Gifts

Rico Gagliano tells John Rabe about a homeless man who draws superpowers from the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
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Space Aliens and Sea Fish

Marine biologist Milton Love tells us how tracking fish helped him understand alien abductions.
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Alternate Route

Jeff Baugh, traffic reporter for KFWB. But what you don't know about him could fill a book. John Rabe reveals his secrets.