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Breaking the Rules of the Road

Traffic reporter Jeff Baugh talks about how he changed the rules of traffic reporting.

Driving with the Top Down

Driving a convertible throws you into some interesting situations. Convertible drivers Sarah McBride and Jennifer Ordonez take Queena along for a drive.

The Fast Sandwich

Meet Victorio C. who is perhaps the world's fastest sandwich maker. He's been at Bay Cities Deli for 34 years. Queena Kim went to witness the fast sandwich. Bay Cities Deli 1517 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, Calif. 90401 310.395.8279
Mercer 7448

Space Talk

John talks to KPCC's web developer Chris Spurgeon about his Rose Bowl find: old glass slides of the original government presentation of the moon shot.

Bozo The Bling-Bling Clown

Humorist Hank Rosenfeld runs into Bozo the Clown in the parking lot of a Wilshire Blvd. high rise.

Dance Legend Remembered

Southern California lost a legendary dancer recently. Choreographer and dance teacher Stanley Holden died last month of complications from heart problems and colon cancer.

Letters: Civil Disobedience

A listener called-in to ask: Can I get arrested for using the public beaches of Malibu?


Coffee TV on 13 by Blur Mushroom on Let it Die by Feist
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People of LA Unite! Park in Malibu

Beach watchdog Jenny Price points out an illegal "No Parking" signs on PCH. The city of Malibu put them up at homeowners' requests, but they're illegal.
Mercer 7634

How to Stay On the Beaches

Not only are there misleading signs on PCH, but homeowners erect them on the road as well.