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Loscon 38 sci-fi convention asks, where's our flying car? Dale Hoppert answers.

Nov 25-27, the LA Science Fantasy Society runs Loscon 38, the annual sci-fi convention. The topic this year is something that's been on Commentator Dale Hoppert's mind for some time. Where's my flying car and my robot pal. In other words, what happened to the future we were promised?

Schickele's Cellos

Peter Schickele is one of our most important living classical composers. He's in town this weekend for the premiere of Three Cellos, which he wrote for local chamber group Pacific Serenades.

The (other) Holy Book

It's the Bible for Southern California gardeners. It's the Sunset Western Garden Book, and it's been completely revised and updated. Editor Kathleen Norris Brenzel talks about the changes.

Reporter's Roundtable

KPCC Senior Editor Nick Roman reports on a new study about women's health in L.A. County. The upshot: it's not a pretty picture.
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Sound off: Pained in Malibu

Off-Ramp listener Christopher Murray, an actor who lives in Glendale, shares a painful Malibu Beach story.
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A Last Goodbye

The Beverly Hills Trader Vic's closed this month. John Rabe visited a few months ago with Charles Phoenix. The first thing that caught their eye was Trader Vic's famous drink menu.
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Hello Tiki-Ti

John Rabe drops in on the venerable Tiki Ti bar in Silverlake.
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Tiki Tribute

John Rabe goes to a Tiki warehouse in Whittier and visits a couple who've spent nearly 20-years investing in their Tiki bar.

Ghost in the Machine

History will be made at Disney Hall, at a concert featuring ten Theremins, the first electronic instrument. Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim has our report.
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Dad's in Jail

Meet Jim Gates, a middle-aged guy who recently picked his dad up from prison. Philip Gates was arrested for protesting at the School of the Americas.