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Mercer 7581

For want of a fingernail...

Joe Domanick gives us the update on the Phil Spector trial: the women, the chauffeur and fingernail.
Mercer 7630

Eve's Apple

Meet Monica Majoli, an artist featured in Eden's Edge at the Hammer, she's fascinated by gay rubbermen.
Mercer 7631

Urban Survivalist

Off-Ramp spent a few hours with urban survivalist Christopher Nyerges learning how to eat lizards and foxtails.
Mercer 7632

Web Extra

This truck was spotted in Little Tokyo. If you have more information about it, send an e-mail to
Mercer 7620

Mapping Eden

In coming weeks, Off-Ramp will introduce you to the artists featured in Eden's Edge, a new exhibit at the Hammer Museum.
Mercer 7621

At Eden's Edge

The Hammer Museum at UCLA has just opened a major exhibit of contemporary art called Eden's Edge. The show focuses on Southern California's established and emerging artists.
Mercer 7622

Sound of Los Angeles

Listener Quinn Kiesow sent us an email last week saying, "About a month ago I took to the streets of Los Angeles with a microphone and began recording the sounds of my city." The result? A song he calls "Los Angeles."
Mercer 7623

Hank Rosenfeld Can't Skate Backwards

But that won't keep Hank from watching the Mighty Ducks face-off against Red Wings in the fifth game of the Stanley Cup conference finals at his favorite barstool in Santa Monica.
Mercer 7624

The Man Who Made Plants Sexy

The Huntington Library and Botanical Garden is celebrating the 300th birthday of Carl Linnaeus, the man who created the system for naming plants and animals.
Mercer 7625

Compost It

The City of Los Angeles wants you to compost. To help, the Bureau of Sanitation is selling high-tech compost bins at near wholesale prices.