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Mercer 7613

Note from Off-Ramp

Wildfires attacked two beloved Southern California oasis this week - Griffith Park and Catalina Island - and once again we have to adjust to seeing ash and char instead of plants and calm.
Mercer 7614

The Observatory Revisited

John Rabe treks up to the Observatory with Councilman Tom LaBonge as firefighters were putting out the flames consuming Griffith Park.
Mercer 7615

Like a Phoenix

The hills of Griffith Park are charred and bald but environmentalist Dan Cooper says the shrubs, birds and animals will return.

The Dark Patron of Griffith Park

Mike Eberts, author of Griffith Park: A Centennial History says the Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith was a man of towering virtues and cavernous faults.

Reporting in Flames

KFWB's veteran radio reporter Pete Demetriou remembers wildfires past and tells how he reports the complicated story on the air.
Mercer 7618

Theatricum Botanicum

Every year, nearly 10,000 school kids visit Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum. It's run by Geer's daughter Ellen Geer. John Rabe spent a day watching kids learning about stagecraft.

Passing the Torch

John Rabe talks with Ellen Geer about the Theatricum Botanicum and her father's legacy.
Mercer 7619

Pomona's Cinema Paradiso

Pomona is in the slow and complex process of reinventing itself. One of the keys is renovating the 76-year-old Fox Theatre in downtown Pomona. KPCC's Steve Julian visited his childhood haunt.
Mercer 7410

Billy Pew

People always ask Dr. Milton Love for advise on becoming a marine biologist. Love has four words for them: Don't ride the Billy Pew!


Letters about Off-Ramp's show on cars that run on veggie oil.