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Letters about Off-Ramp's show on cars that run on veggie oil.

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Slender Means' "I Could Be Cruel" Turtle Island String Quartet plays, John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" from its new tribute album. The Quartet plays at the Jazz Bakery in Culver City this week
Mercer 7606

Going BioDiesel

Guinea pig John Rabe bought a classic Mercedes Benz that's been converted to run on (bio-diesel) vegetable oil. In this show, John reports on his new ride.
Mercer 7607

BioDiesel My Ride

Lovecraft co-founder Brian Friedman converts diesel engines to veggie oil engines.
Mercer 7608

Trolling for Oil

John goes on the hunt for used veggie oil. First stop: a local restaurant.

Vegging Out

Morning Edition Host Steve Julian takes John's new Veggie-mobile for a spin.
Mercer 7609

Spiny Forest

The Arboretum is opening an exhibit of plants from Madagascar's Spiny Forest at its annual LA Garden Show. It's one of the largest collections of Madagascan plants off the African island.
Mercer 7610

Slide Show'n'Tell

Charles Phoenix takes us inside his secret vault, to show us how he puts together his famous slide shows.
Mercer 7372

Longing for Llano

KPCC commentator Marc Haefele visits Llano, the home of Los Angeles County's first-and-only Socialist Colony.

Hungary for Sausage

If you're looking for lunch on the Pear Blossom Highway in Little Rock, California, drop by Valley Hungarian Sausage and Meat. Located in the Antelope Valley, the deli is run by a mother-daughter-team. Queena Kim dropped in.