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Mercer 7439

Stop Whining and Pay up

There's wine for meat, wine for fish and wines to do taxes. Randy at Silverlake Wine makes a few suggestions.

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Hot Ramen

Orochon Ramen in LA's Little Tokyo is famous for a dish called the Special Number Two, possibly the spiciest ramen in Los Angeles. Queena Kim investigates.
Mercer 7586

I Eat Ramen, Here Me Roar!

Queena Kim met with Alexis Wong, who's agreed to order the Special Number Two. He brought some friends to cheer him on. His friend Nina makes a surprise entry.
Mercer 7587

The Tristan Project

Starting Thursday, the LA Philharmonic will be performing Wagner's Tristan and Isolde. John Rabe talks with mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter, who will be singing in her first Wagner opera.
Mercer 7588

Don't Be Koi

Love is in bloom! Hundreds of carp were spotted spawning in the LA River. John and KPCC environmental reporter Molly Peterson look for the spawning ground.
Mercer 7589

Sherlock Rock

Five thousand geologists have just wrapped up a convention in Long Beach. A few of those geologists are Sherlockians or serious fans of Sherlock Holmes. They call themselves The Practical But Limited Geologists and Peter Blau is their leader.
Mercer 7590

Shopping in the Rain

LA's busiest retail center is tucked into an alley in downtown LA's fashion district. On a nice day, Santee Alley is packed with shoppers. That's why LA Garment & Citizen Editor Jerry Sullivan chose a rainy day for his tour.
Mercer 7591

The Good and the Ugly

The Downtown Breakfast Club, a group of LA boosters, handed out its 27th annual Roses and Lemon awards. Roses are rewarded to notable downtown developments and lemons are for, well, the lemons.

Skinny Model Ban

Off-Ramp commentator Dr. Antronette Yancey says that promoting healthier-looking models isn't brain surgery. Yancey should know, she was once a runway model.