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Mercer 7212

Hitting the Links

Frank Stoltze spends a day at L.A.'s most popular golf course, and runs into one of the first African-Americans to play at Griffith Park, and the would-be next Tiger Woods.
Mercer 7571

Covering the Courts

L.A.-based reporter Linda Deutsch has been covering the courts for the AP for decades. She's covered everything from the Charles Manson trial to O.J. Frank Stoltze attended a recent ceremony honoring Deutsch.
Mercer 7572

On Air

Frank Stoltze talks to KFWB's Bill Cooper, who's been on L.A.'s airwaves for decades.
Mercer 7573

Arthur R.I.P.

Two weeks ago, a young member of the Los Angeles media community passed away. Arthur covered issues and music at the fringes. Oh, and Arthur was a magazine. Off-Ramp contributor Brendan Newnam went to pay his respects.
Mercer 7574

Hasidic Hat Maker

KPCC's Rachael Myrow reports on how a Hasidic hat maker has become the go-to place for the stars.

Criminal Justice

Frank Stoltze gets the low-down on lock-up from an ex-con, and then goes to the State Pen to hear the other side.

Biola University

Edward Humes reports that Biola University in La Mirada has become the centrifugal force of Intelligent Design. Humes wrote about Biola University for March's Los Angeles Magazine.


The Persian New Year is here, and David Nahai, the president of the DWP Commissioners, shares his memories and thoughts on the 13-day celebration.

Remembering the Dead

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the start of war in Iraq, and Off-Ramp remembers a few of the Southland's soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
Mercer 7426

Saul Levine

Radio station owner Saul Levine says when he replaced classical with country, he found love.