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And These Kids Aren't

As the police crack down on street gangs, the influential Advancement Project suggests keeping the schools open longer. That reminded producer Queena Kim of an audio diary she produced with Sergio Sanchez, who was a senior at Fremont High School in South Central LA.
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Food for Thought

Russ Parsons of the Los Angeles Times tells us how the California freeze affects the whole nation.

Go West Chef

Jennifer Leuzzi tells us about New York chefs who are setting up shop in Los Angeles.

Hammer Time

LA Times reporter Suzanne Muchnic tells John about the split between the Hammer Foundation and the Hammer Museum.
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A Modern Collection

Chief Curator Gary Garrels gives John a tour of the Hammer's new Contemporary Collection.
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Low Merlot

The owners of Silverlake Wine show us how to find a good cheap bottle of wine.

Brad's Secret

Call Sheet regular Brad Pomerance recalls, with a shudder, what it was like to be the staff attorney for the Dr. Laura TV show.

No Big Deal

George Takei, aka Sulu of "Star Trek," and John Rabe, aka John Rabe, talk about being a gay celeb (or semi-celebs, in John's case).

Apple Pared

The Call Sheet gang looks at Apple's new name, new phone and new TV devices.

Reporter's Roundtable

KPCC reporter Julie Small talks about the Governator and his State of the State Address.