Black widow spiders flee the city! Off-Ramp for April 26, 2014

Our black widow spiders v. their brown widow spiders. Sex on the radio with Mimi Pond, author of Over Easy, graphic novel. An old friend shows another side of Ruben Salazar.
GBR: Spider-Man 2 At Madame Tussauds - Photocall

No, no. Wrong spider, man. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

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Corinne Baily Rae: Put Your Records On from her self-titled release. Solomon Burke: Tomorrow Is Forever from his album Nashville

Rabe: It's Cold Outside!

For warmth, we recommend sitting on your radio. This week: meet LA's most-famous homeless man, hear a synagogue reconnect with a black church, and hop into a restaurant time machine. -- John Rabe
Mercer 7497

King in a Temple

A Los Angeles synagogue reconnects with an African-American church and unearths an old Martin Luther King Jr. speech to mark the occasion.
Mercer 7498

Johnie's No More

Residents and fans react with furor over the illegal razing of Johnie's Broiler, an iconic drive-in in Downey.
Mercer 7499

A Little Night Music

Meet Nathaniel Ayers, LA's most famous homeless man. He trained at Julliard before succumbing to mental illness.
Mercer 7500

Colombian Folk with a Twist

Queena Kim talks with Very Be Careful, a vallenato quintet that puts a modern spin on Colombian folk music.
Mercer 7501

Eating in the City of Angels

Los Angeles Magazine unveils its first annual restaurant awards.
Mercer 7502

Eating in 1984

The author of a 1984 Los Angeles restaurant guide tells us how the city's food scene has changed.
Mercer 7467

Off-Ramp Makes Friends and Influences People

Dear Listeners, Remember Moises "Mighty Mo" Orozco, the 10-year-old boxing champ (Off-Ramp, 12-9-06)? Mighty Mo told me his dream was to qualify for the 2016 Olympics. It turns out somebody from the SoCal Committee for the Olympic Games was listening to Off-Ramp, too! The group is trying to bring the 2016 Olympics to LA, and asked Mighty Mo to be a spokesman. I'm thinking of it as a good omen for Mighty Mo ... and LA's chances. -John Rabe.
Mercer 7487

Take a Hike

For this week's show, John hiked all the way up to the new, improved Griffith Observatory with Tom LaBonge. This was the 25th anniversary of the LA City Councilman's winter solstice sojourns to the landmark.