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Mercer 7560


In a new push to become a player in the contemporary art scene, the Getty Museum is exhibiting artist Tim Hawkinson's Uberorgan for the first time on the West Coast.
Mercer 7561

Are you in the book?

Los Angeles Magazine's Laurie Pike tells us about Southern California's social registries.
Mercer 7562

Metergate Update

The LA Times's Steve Hymon gives an update on a citizen's fight for justice in dread parking court.
Mercer 7563

Good Food

How immigrant kids' food sense clashes with their parents'... a story from Youth Radio's Consuela Cisneros.
Mercer 7402

Klein v. Besson

Off-Ramp film critic Andy Klein risks burning at the stake for criticizing Luc Besson's The Messenger. He says the French auteur should stick to action flicks.
Mercer 7565

The Not-So-Funny Pages

Animation critic Charles Solomon and John Rabe mourn the state of the funny pages.
Mercer 7566

Mean Editor Teaches Block Journalism 101

Alex Ben Block tells a hard lesson he learned as a cub reporter at Forbes.

Father Daughter Art

Sonia and Frank Romero have their first show together. Adolfo Guzman Lopez reports.

Reporter's Roundtable

KPCC's Senior News Editor Nick Roman talks about the downtown loft tour.

Living in LA

Scottish actor and comedian Billy Connolly gives his take on LA.