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Mercer 7546

The Golden Pig

Sunday marks the start of the Chinese New Year. It's the year of the Golden Pig. Cat Chao, KAZN AM 1300's afternoon talk show host, tells Queena why it's auspicious.
Mercer 7547

The City of Mahagonny in Los Angeles

Off-Ramp architecture critic Sam Hall Kaplan compares the City of Angeles with the fictional City of Mahagonny, as depicted in the LA Opera's newest production.
Mercer 7548

Bark Off

Off-Ramp commentator and Irish terrier Cara sounds off on the Westminster Kennel Club's "Best in Show."
Mercer 7549

Transportation Trajectories

John visits a new exhibit that shows how the Inland Empire was not really designed for human habitation.
Mercer 7552

The Mayor of Gladys Park

Meet the man who looks after a little park in LA's Skid Row. He says it's an oasis of sanity.

Dragon Ball Z

Commentator Charles Solomon introduces us to Dragon Ball Z, a popular animation series among young boys.

LA Experience

KPCC's newest reporter, Doualy Xaykaothao, gets her driver's license.

Hip Hop

As rap and hip-hop continue to dominate pop culture, the music store that gave birth to the art form on the West Coast struggles to survive. KPCC's Patricia Nazario reports on the world-famous hip-hop icon.

Call Sheet

The Call Sheet gang talks about advertising in the movie theater.
Mercer 7535

Auntie Diluvium

This week, we bring you three takes on the brand new master plan for the LA River. Take One: KPCC's Ilsa Setziol gives us the low-down on the river plan. The upshot: Keep hope alive