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Mercer 7556

The Unsung Pelon

Kenny Lyon is an unlikely pioneer of Chicano Gangster Rap. He's not Chicano or a rapper. But from his studio apartment at the Gaylord, Lyon produces some of the biggest names in LA's Chicano Gangster Rap Scene.
Mercer 7558

Harper Woods

Silvia Woods' Harp Center is a Glendale fixture. Woods is one of the nation's foremost writer's of harp instructional books.
Mercer 7559

Holy Gifts

Rico Gagliano tells John Rabe about a homeless man who draws superpowers from the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
Mercer 7442

Holy Icons

You only have one more week to catch the Getty Center's transcendent exhibit of religious icons from a remote monastery.

Oscar Honors

Ennio Morricone, one of the most prolific film composers, is getting an Oscar this year. Here's a tape of Morricone playing live at the the Autry Museum last year.

Oscar Shorts

Commentator Andy Klein gives us his picks for the short film category.

Russian Pronouncer

USC professor Marcus Levitt calls in a tip on how to pronounce Russian words.

Call Sheet

The Call Sheet gang talks about violence on TV and what the FCC might do about it.
Mercer 7543

LA Phil Reaches Out

During its Casual Friday series, members of the LA Philharmonic trade in tuxedos and gowns for blue jeans and berets. It's meant to make newbies to the LA Phil feel comfortable. John checked it out.
Mercer 7544

The Phil's Four Seasons

John talks to KPCC's Program Director and Classical Music aficionado Craig Curtis about the LA Phil's upcoming season.