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Mercer 7410

To Protect and Surf

Commentator and Marine Biologist Milton Love on natural bodyguards.

Strange New World

Tijuana is mostly known now for corruption, drugs, and murder. For a different take on Tijuana, Adolfo Guzman Lopez headed to the Santa Monica Museum of Art for an exhibit of contemporary art.

Poor Howard's Almanac

The Call Sheet gang explores the fall of Howard Stern, once the King of All Media.
Mercer 7503

Rabe: It's (still) Cold Outside!

The cold continues in Southern California, with snow reported in Malibu and other parts. The weather reminded me of an old photo I had, snapped back in 1948, when Hollywood was blanketed with a real (non-Hollywood) snowstorm. The picture came from John Kuri, musician, author (Takin' It Back), and film and TV producer. The day it snowed, his father, Oscar-winning art director Emile Kuri (1907-2000), bundled little John up and posed him by the mailbox of the Los Feliz home Emile designed and built.

Animated Conversations

Animation expert Charles Solomon introduces us to Tyrus Wong, the man responsible for the look of the Disney Classic Bambi.
Mercer 7505

Drawing the Line

John meets up with animator and author Tom Sito to talk about the animation agitators of yore. Sito is the author of Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to Bart Simpson
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These Kids are Alright

Off-Ramp contributor Christina Huh introduces us to Jack Bambi, a Silver Lake band whose oldest member is 13 years.

And These Kids Aren't

As the police crack down on street gangs, the influential Advancement Project suggests keeping the schools open longer. That reminded producer Queena Kim of an audio diary she produced with Sergio Sanchez, who was a senior at Fremont High School in South Central LA.
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Food for Thought

Russ Parsons of the Los Angeles Times tells us how the California freeze affects the whole nation.

Go West Chef

Jennifer Leuzzi tells us about New York chefs who are setting up shop in Los Angeles.