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Mercer 7410

Space Aliens and Sea Fish

Marine biologist Milton Love tells us how tracking fish helped him understand alien abductions.
Mercer 7412

From Fallen Fruit to Jam

A few weeks ago, as the peaches ripened in Echo Park, the group Fallen Fruit held a jam session. They taught people how to make jam from fruit that grows on public property.


Every once in a while, to get a good story, all you have to do is get up off the couch. John got off his couch to listen to a Tamborza band playing in a neighbor's yard.

Alameda Swap Meet

The two chef-owners of La Casita Mexicana in the city of Bell take Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim shopping for little-known Mexican herbs at the Alameda Swap Meet.
Mercer 7415

SoCal Visionary

Carey McWilliams defined southern California the way Newton defined physics. People credit his writings for sparking the Chicano movement, foreshadowing the film Chinatown, and inspiring Cesar Chavez to found the United Farm Workers. Marc Haefele (a.k.a. "The Dean of City Hall") tells us about Carey McWilliams, California chronicler ahead of his time.
Mercer 7510

Rabe, baby

This is my dad, the late WT "Bill" Rabe, and me forty years ago. My dad was a friend of the late lamented satirist Art Buchwald. The link takes you to an old Buchwald column about Silent Records, one of his many schemes. An old-time PR man, Dad also invented Unicorn Hunting, World Sauntering Day, Stone Skipping, and Word Banishment. Angelenos might remember Dad's frequent appearances on Charlie Tuna's morning shows on KIIS-AM and FM, 10Q, KHTZ-FM, and KRLA.
Mercer 7511


John attends the groundbreaking for the $400 million dollar LA police headquarters, which politicians and police promise will be open and inviting.
Mercer 7512

Populist Critique

Architecture critic and newest Off-Ramp contributor Sam Hall Kaplan gives us the low down on the new LAPD HQ.
Mercer 7513

Metergate: Part I

Along with traffic jams, dealing with broken parking meters is a universal experience in Los Angeles. LA Times reporter Steve Hyman looks for broken meters with Queena Kim. Hyman broke "Metergate" or the story of how the city is dealing - or not dealing - with broken meters.

Metergate: Part II

The parking meter flashes, "FAILED" and you think: Free Parking! Steve Hymon sets Queena straight on that misguided notion.