Easter eggs, Byzantium, and the Mustang. Off-Ramp for April 19, 2014

Celebrate the 50th birthday of the sexy, muscular Mustang; remember the mix-tape you made for your high school sweetheart; come to a rare Getty doubleheader; and look for Easter eggs in animated movies.

The shadow of your host, John Rabe

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Mercer 7449

OCMA Biennial

John Rabe continues his conversations with artists at the 2006 Biennial at OCMA. This time, photographer Amir Zaki, who doesn't really like interviews.

PlayStation Mayhem

On the night before the release of the PlayStation 3, John Rabe hangs out with PlayStation fans who are camping out at the Best Buy on Los Feliz Boulevard.
Mercer 7993

Shock Illustrated

Attacked in the 1950s for their lurid covers and subversive topics, EC Comics are back in sparkling new editions.

Call Sheet

The Call Sheet crew talks about "Tivo-ing" home videos.

Midterm Madness

John Rabe checks in with KPCC reporter Rachael Myrow.

Midterm Madness Two

Special correspondent Kitty Felde tells John Rabe how Phil Angelides kept his cool in the face of defeat.
Mercer 7435

I Lost My Heart In San Francisco

KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze goes one-on-one with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. John Rabe gets the details.

Voting Block

KPCC reporter Susan Valot lets John Rabe in on how she votes.

The Comeback Kid

"Off-Ramp" unearthed this yet-to-be-heard political "ad" by former president Bill Clinton.
Mercer 7436

Rock en Spanglish

Los Abandoned switches seamlessly from English to Spanish in their music, and their break-out song "Van Nuys es Very Nice" resonates with a growing number of music fans: the kids of Spanish-speaking immigrants. Queena Kim meets the band.