Easter eggs, Byzantium, and the Mustang. Off-Ramp for April 19, 2014

Celebrate the 50th birthday of the sexy, muscular Mustang; remember the mix-tape you made for your high school sweetheart; come to a rare Getty doubleheader; and look for Easter eggs in animated movies.

The shadow of your host, John Rabe

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Mercer 7430

Alternate Route

Jeff Baugh, traffic reporter for KFWB. But what you don't know about him could fill a book. John Rabe reveals his secrets.

Breaking the Rules of the Road

Traffic reporter Jeff Baugh talks about how he changed the rules of traffic reporting.

Spiritual Marketplace

Botanicas are sort of spiritual convenience stores. They sell candles, beneficial herbs, sacred items, and services ... like fortune-telling and rituals. Botanica El Congo Manuel 5712 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90038-3202 (323) 463-5736
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Some botanas, por favor

El Mercardito in East LA is part swap meet, part food court. And it's where you can find authentic Mexican treats. Queena Kim went for a tour with a group of foodies a few Sundays ago. El Mercardito 3425 East 1st St. East Los Angeles, CA 90063 (323) 268-3451
Mercer 7432

The Everyday as Art

In an on-going series on OCMA's Biennial, John Rabe interviews Scoli Acosta.
Mercer 7410

Give Me Some Lip

Marine biologist Milton Love gives insight into why people fear animals that are lipless.
Mercer 7433

Reporter's Roundtable

KPCC Senior News Editor Nick Roman (right) and John Rabe (left) talk about safer surfaces on horse tracks.
Mercer 6298

The Rules of the Game

Movie Critic Andy Klein's rules for puzzle movies.

Music on Today's Show

"Last Request" and "New Shoes" by Paolo Nutini
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Message from John Rabe

Hello! This is Off-Ramp's first fundraiser. There's no better time, if you like our show, to endorse it with a contribution. It's important to Queena and me, to Off-Ramp, and to KPCC. Thanks for listening, and we hope, giving during the fall drive.