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Christmas in Prison

Abel Salas visited 17-year-old Eric Aguilar at the Yucaipa Valley Facility for Minors. Produced by Queena Kim

The Science of Happiness

Many people call the holiday season "the most wonderful time of the year," but for others it can be a time of depression and loneliness. Steven Cuevas looks into what's behind the holiday blues.

Party's Over

John and Queena get busted at the Alhambra's Apocryphal Mall.
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WEB EXTRA: Your comments

We've asked you to send in your thoughts about the show and really, anything else that's on your mind. Listener Barbara Fasiska sends this picture of Spillers Record Store in Wales, which is considered the world's oldest record store. The store is at risk of closing. Message from Barbara: I was listening to KPCC yesterday and heard the story about Spillers Records likely having to close after being in the same location since 1912. I thought I remembered taking a picture of an old record store when my husband and I were sightseeing in Cardiff, Wales with our daughter and her friend in March 2001. I found my photo album of our trip and, sure enough, there was the picture of Spillers Records. I thought you might like to see it.
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Our Lady of the Ladle -- On DVD

Los Angeles Times food writer Russ Parsons and John Rabe watch the DVDs of Julia Child's first food show,"The French Chef."
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We talk with Maripat Donovan, the creator of "Late Nite Catechism," about her new holiday special "Sister's Christmas Catechism: The Mystery of the Magi's Gold."
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Sweet Deal

John talks with the director of the film "Sweet Land" about how this un-Hollywood romance flick got made.

The Making of "Sweet Land"

Five years ago John Rabe filed this story about the making of "Sweet Land."
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Eeny Meenie Mighty Mo

John Rabe talks with "Mighty Mo" Orozco, a 10-year-old boxing champion from Long Beach.

Menorah on a Mazda

Just in time for Hanukkah, we talk with a rabbi about his car-top menorah.