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Menorah on a Mazda

Just in time for Hanukkah, we talk with a rabbi about his car-top menorah.
Mercer 7468

OCMA Biennial

John Rabe talks to up-and-coming multimedia artist Shana Lutker.
Mercer 7469

Reporter's Notebook

KPCC reporter Ilsa Setziol will talk about restoring the Owens River Valley.

Mars Water Sponsor

This Web site was brought to you from Mars Water, Off-Ramp's newest "sponsor." Take a listen to the "ad" from the company that's bringing you water from Mars.
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A Public Good-Bye

This week, Los Angeles County buried almost 1,700 people in a potter's grave. The annual mass burial is for people who died without a family that could claim their remains or that could afford a private burial. KPCC reporter Rachael Myrow takes us to the service.

Call Sheet

The Call Sheet gang weighs Mel Gibson's Oscar chances.
Mercer 7471

WEB EXTRA: Eye of the Tiger

Mighty Mo puts up his dukes with his championship belt.
Mercer 7451

It isn't easy being Green

John Rabe talks to movie and TV star Tom Green about his new Internet channel.
Mercer 7453

Cello Fellow

If you live in Los Angeles, you might have seen the L.A. Philharmonic's banners around town. They read: 106 strong. Cellist Ben Hong is one of those members and what's more, he races motorbikes. Queena Kim met Hong at Disney Hall.
Mercer 6316

The List

Writer Jesse Katz talks to John Rabe about the lesser-known names from Los Angeles Magazine's list of the city's most influential people.