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Mercer 7405

Tokyo's Ghibli Museum Park

John chats with animation critic Charles Solomon about the newish Ghibli Museum Park in Tokyo.

TV on the Radio

John Rabe asks the Call Sheet gang to explain why critically acclaimed shows like "Studio 60" and "The Shark" aren't catching on.

Reporter's Roundtable

Frank Stolze talks about the future of the LA Times, and news editor Nick Roman on the Dodgers.

Songs featured on Off-Ramp

"It's a New Day" by the Skullcaps "Canciones De Amor" by Julieta Venegas
Mercer 7398

"Ad" Attack

I was really struck by the ads promoting Chuck Poochigian over Jerry Brown in the attorney general's race. (Although they don't even mention Poochigian by name.) In the ads, a man and a woman talk about crazy wacko soft-on-crime Jerry Brown. The thing is, the ads they're running are so restrained. Why don't they really go at him? Tune in on Saturday at noon, when we show them how it's really done. -John
Mercer 7399

H&M Fever

Southern California finally has an H&M, a European clothing store that's achieved near-cult status. John Rabe goes to the grand opening and explores the allure of the chain.
Mercer 7400

Stan's Cafe at the Skirball

The U.S. Census Bureau says that in October 2006, the U.S. population will hit 300 million people. But what does that number mean to you? The Skirball Cultural Center has been presenting a performance piece called "Of All the People in the World" that tries to attack that question with rice. It's put on by a British theater company called Stan's Cafe. Queena Kim talked to the members of Stan's Cafe, and some of the people checking out the exhibit. Note: The show ends on Saturday, September 30

Lugosi Redux

This is the 75th anniversary of Dracula, the Universal horror film. Dracula made a film star of Bela Lugosi, who died fifty years ago this summer. John Rabe spoke with Bela Lugosi Jr., now 68, five years ago. To win a 75th anniversary edition of Dracula, be the first person to sign up for the Off-Ramp newsletter and answer this question: What film did Bela Legosi star in with Greta Garbo? Sign up for the newsletter at
Mercer 7401

Burmese Feast

Here in Southern California, you can have your pick of ethnic foods. But Burmese food, or food from the country of Myanmar, isn't so easy to find. But a group of foodies who call themselves "Pleasure Palate" found Golden Triangle one of the few restaurants in Southern California serving Burmese food, in Whittier. Queena Kim tagged along on their Burmese food excursion. Golden Triangle Restaurant 7011 S. Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, CA. 562.945.6778
Mercer 7402

The New School for Scoundrels

Film critic Andy Klein compares the new movie School for Scoundrels with its 1960s British predecessor. He says what was once clever is now coarse.