Black widow spiders flee the city! Off-Ramp for April 26, 2014

Our black widow spiders v. their brown widow spiders. Sex on the radio with Mimi Pond, author of Over Easy, graphic novel. An old friend shows another side of Ruben Salazar.
GBR: Spider-Man 2 At Madame Tussauds - Photocall

No, no. Wrong spider, man. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

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Advertisers Listen Up

KPCC's Call Sheet crew looks at two important findings about commercials: More of us than they thought listen to radio commercials, but fewer are sticking around for commercials on TV. Programmers are scrambling to adjust.

Ugly Betty

Colombian telenovela "Betty La Fea" is being broadcast on US television this year as "Ugly Betty," but KPCC's Patricia Nazario reports that some wonder whether the show's comedy will weather the translation into English.

Reporter's Roundtable

John Rabe gives us an update on King-Drew; Frank Stolze checks in; and news editor Nick Roman on the Dodgers.

Music Featured on Off-Ramp

"Dedicated Follower of Fashion" by the Kinks "La derniere minute" by Carla Bruni
Mercer 7392

Hot or Not?

This week, Off-Ramp has acquired more of Arnold Schwarzenegger's hidden tapes. In the clip, the "Governor" crafts his Hot or Not policy.

Politicians, hot or not?

Off-Ramp finds another recording of the "Governor" in high-level meeting.

Off-Ramp, hot or not?

Larry Mantle is hot, John Rabe is...
Mercer 7393

A Cultural Affair

UCLA's School of the Arts got a new building this week, with the ribbon-cutting of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Center. Richard Meier, who designed the Getty, designed the new art school with Michael Palladino. It’s an eight floor building made of concrete, stainless steel, teak, and glass. The Broads put up almost half the cost of the 52-million dollar building. We asked Eli Broad: who’s his philanthropic model?
Mercer 7394

Blue Period

Is the Getty exhibiting signs that it's emerging from its blue period? John Rabe goes to the other Meier building to report on the morale at the Getty.

The Fast Sandwich

Walk into Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica at lunchtime and your first instinct will be to walk right out. With more than 500 customers during its lunchtime rush, the lines are three to four-people deep. But stick around and you'll see that the line moves quickly and nobody makes it move quicker than Victorio C. who's been making sandwiches at Bay Cities for 34 years. Queena Kim went to visit the master of the fast sandwich. Bay Cities Deli 1517 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, Calif. 90401 310.395.8279