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The Forgotten Veterans

John Rabe talks to L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti about the new memorial for Filipino World War Two veterans. More than 120,000 Filipino soldiers served in the war, but they were stripped of veterans status and benefits promised under the G.I. Bill.

Phys Ed Fizzles

If you've driven by a school during gym class lately, you probably saw a lot more standing and sitting than running and jumping. Doctor Antronette Yancey says more gym class would improve kids' health and grades.
Mercer 7440

My Barbarian

In an on-going series on OCMA's Biennial, John Rabe talks to the members of My Barbarian. The ensemble mixes rock, art and theater in their rock-operatic works.


Students at Cleveland High School in Reseda recently formed a whiteness group. But the white kids in these groups are not cutting eyeholes in bed sheets. They're talking about race.
Mercer 7441

Full-bore Borat

The Call Sheet gang talks about Borat's marketing scheme.
Mercer 7427

New Scents

John Rabe checks out the grand opening of the Annette Green Perfume Museum, the only museum in the United States devoted to fragrance. The museum is at the Fashion Institution of Design and Merchandising in downtown. The the namesake of the odiferous museum is the former president of the Fragrance Foundation.
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Free Laptop Bag Giveaway

By the way, one lucky listener will win a stylish FIDM laptop bag. They will win it by being subscribed to the Off-Ramp e-mail newsletter and answering a trivia question.
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The Haves, the Have-Nots and the Used-To-Haves

With the mid-term election just days away, the New York Times' Charlie LeDuff talks about what his trip to Tennessee tells him about the voting public's mood.
Mercer 7430

Alternate Route

Jeff Baugh, traffic reporter for KFWB. But what you don't know about him could fill a book. John Rabe reveals his secrets.

Breaking the Rules of the Road

Traffic reporter Jeff Baugh talks about how he changed the rules of traffic reporting.