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Mercer 7446

Clippers Cap'n

Meet Ralph Lawler, the Clippers announcer, who's been calling games for the team since 1978.
Mercer 7793

Doing Penance

Marc Haefele on John Gregory Dunne's "True Confessions." He says it's the best novel about the soul and politics of modern Los Angeles.
Mercer 7447

The Lowdown on the Rose Bowl Flea Market...

Antique appraiser Peggy Caffey shows Queena Kim the unusual items that are showing up at the West Coast's largest flea market.
Mercer 7448

...and what one avid flea market shopper found

John talks to KPCC's web developer Chris Spurgeon about his Rose Bowl find: old glass slides of the original government presentation of the moon shot.
Mercer 7449

OCMA Biennial

John Rabe continues his conversations with artists at the 2006 Biennial at OCMA. This time, photographer Amir Zaki, who doesn't really like interviews.

PlayStation Mayhem

On the night before the release of the PlayStation 3, John Rabe hangs out with PlayStation fans who are camping out at the Best Buy on Los Feliz Boulevard.
Mercer 7993

Shock Illustrated

Attacked in the 1950s for their lurid covers and subversive topics, EC Comics are back in sparkling new editions.

Call Sheet

The Call Sheet crew talks about "Tivo-ing" home videos.

Midterm Madness

John Rabe checks in with KPCC reporter Rachael Myrow.

Midterm Madness Two

Special correspondent Kitty Felde tells John Rabe how Phil Angelides kept his cool in the face of defeat.