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Mercer 7426

Saul Levine

John Rabe talks with LA radio legend Saul Levine. He could sell K-Mozart, the commercial classical station, for somewhere around 200-million dollars, but he won't, because he believes in local radio.
Mercer 7381

Baptism By Ire

Every Saturday, hundreds of Latino immigrants make the pilgrimage to Our Lady the Queen of the Angeles, Los Angeles' oldest mission Church, to get their babies baptized. For immigrants who are trying to keep their tradition while struggling to survive, the draw is simple. Unlike other churches, Our Lady doesn't require parents or godparents to take classes beforehand. All you do is sign up. To some, it's known as the McDonald's of Baptism. Abel Salas reports. Queena Kim produced this segment
Mercer 7367

Motorcycle Writer

Susan Carpenter writes the new Throttle Jockey column for the LA Times, reviewing motorbikes every two weeks. Since John Rabe's mother would rise from the grave if he rode a motorbike, Susan let us wire her for sound. She takes us for a ride.
Mercer 7374

Sketches of Pain

89-year old Dewey Ajioka has spent the last ten years sketching the homeless on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim talks with him and his models.
Mercer 7416

Kinky in Los Angeles

Laurel Canyon was immortalized in the '60s as the home of legendary musicians like Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa. And now the Mexican band Kinky lives there, too. John Rabe interviews Kinky members Gilbert Cerezo and Ulises Lozano on the back patio of the bungalow where they worked on their newest album, Reina.
Mercer 7417

Godzilla Released

No, not from captivity on Monster Island but on DVD, in his original, uncut form, as it was seen in Japan 52 years ago. Gojira, as it was originally called, is a whole other film, and worth another look. John Rabe talked with Godzilla expert Keith Aiken.

Godzilla v. LAPD

L.A. Police Chief Bill Bratton on what he'd do if he came face-to-face with Godzilla.
Mercer 7418

George Takei and the voice of Godzilla

Nov. 7, Godzilla Raids Again, the second Godzilla movie, will be released on DVD. The American version features the voice of the very young George Takei who played Sulu on Star Trek. Takei actually did dubbing work on Godzilla Raids Again and Rodan. John Rabe spoke with him in 2004.
Mercer 7419

The Thill Ain't Gone

In 1945, drummer Jerrie Thill jumped into her '38 Dodge Coupe and drove from Dubuque, Iowa all the way to the coast. Now, Thill is 89 and she plays the Sunday brunch show at El Cid in LA's Silverlake neighborhood. Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim caught a set on one of those record hot days we had this summer.
Mercer 7420

Norman McLaren

Canadian animator and filmmaker Norman McLaren won an Oscar, a Palme d'Or at Cannes, and countless festival prizes. And this week the National Film Board of Canada released a seven-DVD set of his work. Animation critic Charles Solomon gives an appreciation.