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Mercer 7410

Space Aliens and Sea Fish

Marine biologist Milton Love tells us how tracking fish helped him understand alien abductions.
Mercer 7412

From Fallen Fruit to Jam

A few weeks ago, as the peaches ripened in Echo Park, the group Fallen Fruit held a jam session. They taught people how to make jam from fruit that grows on public property.
Mercer 7413

OCMA Biennial

John continues conversations with new and emerging California artists with an interview with Binh Danh. Danh prints photos on plants.
Mercer 7415

SoCal Visionary

Carey McWilliams defined southern California the way Newton defined physics. People credit his writings for sparking the Chicano movement, foreshadowing the film Chinatown, and inspiring Cesar Chavez to found the United Farm Workers. Marc Haefele (a.k.a. "The Dean of City Hall") tells us about Carey McWilliams, California chronicler ahead of his time.

To DVD or not?

The Call Sheet team predicts how long before your entertainment equipment is obsolete.

Reporter's Roundtable

Ilsa Setziol says that factories are no longer the culprit when it comes to smog, we're the enemy and the AQMD is trying to do something about it. News editor Nick Roman tells us about racial tensions in Leimert Park.
Mercer 7403

Note from John Rabe

One of the things we want to do on Off-Ramp is to give newcomers some of LA's context by talking with witnesses to its history. This week, I talk to Bob Kholos, one of those witnesses. He was Tom Bradley's campaign manager in the 1969 and 1973 mayoral campaigns, then his chief of staff. Bradley came into office at a tumultuous time and it was Kholos' job to help see him through it. -John

Bob Kholos I

This segment starts with a clip of Tom Brokaw interviewing former-mayor Sam Yorty in the 1970s. Yorty was being challenged in the mayoral race by Tom Bradley, who became LA's first African-American mayor. Bradley's press secretary Bob Kholos tells us that LA's racial landscape was much different back then.

Bob Kholos II

Mayor Bradley came into office as the SLA, the Symbionese Liberation Army, was making headlines. Bob Kholos talks about the SLA's bloody shoot-out with the LAPD in 1974. And John Rabe talks to radio reporter Jim Mitchell, who gave a play-by-play of the shoot out.

Bob Kholos III

Kholos tells us how City Hall has changed since he was working there in the 1970s.