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Mercer 7425

Flaming Tri-Tip

Some of you might remember Victorio C., he's the master of the fast-sandwich at Bay Cities Italian Deli and market in Santa Monica. Victorio has created dozens dishes and sandwiches over the past decades... and one of them is the "Tri-Tipper." Cooking the tri-tip is a spectacle. Victorio fries it in a wok, over an open flame. When he drops the tri-tip into the wok, flames shoot up. Off-Ramp's Queena Kim watched Victorio as he was gearing up to make tri-tip. Bay Cities Deli 1517 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA. 90401 310.395.8279

Reporter's Roundtable

John Rabe talks to editor Nick Roman about Republican House candidate Tan Nguyen, who is accused of falsely warning Latino voters that it's a crime for immigrants to vote. Nguyen denies the charges.

Call Sheet

Call Sheet regulars talk about the World Series.

To DVD or not?

The Call Sheet team predicts how long before your entertainment equipment is obsolete.

The New Sneeze

Sneezing into hands is out - into the sleeves is in. John Rabe takes an office poll to see who's up on the new sneeze.
Mercer 7406

Hand Washing

Doctor Paul Silka, chief of staff at Cedars Sinai, tells us about their hand washing campaign.

Getting a Flu Shot?

Welcome to flu season. The CDC and your local public health agencies say the best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated, but among the general public, opinons are mixed, as Off-Ramp's Queena Kim found out.
Mercer 7408

New Oboist in Town

The Los Angeles Philharmonic has a new principal oboist, 26-year-old Ariana Ghez. Queena Kim spoke to Ghez at a practice room in Disney Hall recently.
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Super Agent Man

Some people underplay their accomplishments. Other people exaggerate them. All Jerry Heller has to do is tell the truth. The 66-year-old Heller's spent his life on the business side of the music business, from bringing Elton John to America, to co-founding Ruthless Records with rapper Eazy E... The guy who helped bring you Your Song was also partly responsible for Cop Killer and Straight Outta Compton. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez spoke with Heller about his new memoir, Ruthless.
Mercer 7410

Space Aliens and Sea Fish

Marine biologist Milton Love tells us how tracking fish helped him understand alien abductions.