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Morrison's new project, "The Multiversity," has been in the works for almost a decade and explores big idea metacommentary on the DC Comics universe and our own world.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Denver Nuggets
John Rabe talks with A Martinez about Byron Scott, the Lakers' new head coach.
Actor/director Tim Robbins talks with KPCC's John Horn about directing 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and why he loves the uninterrupted nature of theater.
Road Mannequins - 1

The mysterious mannequins of North Hollywood Toyota

Collin Friesen looks at the backstory of the mannequins that greet you from a NoHo Toyota dealership, and KPCC's Maya Sugarman takes their portraits.

Soboroff adds Truman Capote typewriter to collection

During his last years, Truman Capote often lived at Joanne Carson's home, smoking cigarillos and writing. Steve Soboroff now has that typewriter in his collection.
Los Angeles State Historic Park Zanja Madre

LA Drought History: Meet the zanjero, mother of all bureaucrats

How important was water to L.A.? The water overseer, called the zanjero, had a salary $200 more than the mayor and city marshal.

11 shows creating LA's new storytelling renaissance

When I started in comedy, I saw hundreds of comics just finding their voices as they moved toward stardom. LA's storytelling scene has that feel now. It's a golden age.
Filmmaker Mike Cahill's new movie “I Origins” explores the relationship of two scientists probing the question of reincarnation. Art and science, he says, are similar pursuits.
Los Angeles Aqueduct Anniversary Sierras Landscape Water
Now that drought and water is the minds of nearly every Angeleno, what can LA's history with water teach us today?
KPCC pop culture bogger Mike Roe reports from Comic Con. He's one of 125,000 people who have descended on San Diego for the annual convention.