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'Survive Mola mola!' teaches ocean ecology. Off-Ramp for March 28, 2015

Kevin Ferguson talks about the hot new app game 'Survive Mola mola!' with Molly Peterson and Milton Love; John talks with Assemblyman Gatto about avoiding the horrors of probate.

Bakersfield Confidential: Off-Ramp for March 21, 2015

We go to Bakersfield to sample a few gems in a city with a bad rap; Jim Tully, "the most hated man in Hollywood;" Brains On and living with a volcano.

MoLAA "Play With Me" Exhibit

James Franco's filmmaking class ... makes films! Off-Ramp for March 14, 2015

James Franco's collaborative USC film class winds up with real movies ... a jazz pianist who uses sci-fi movies to inspire music about Mars ... Damian Kevitt runs the LA Marathon.

8th grader Destiny takes over Brains On!, JPL, and Off-Ramp for March 7, 2015

14yo Destiny Rodriguez co-hosts Brains On! Patt Morrison interviews Broadway icon Patricia Morison. We uncover the true facts behind the Rose Hills cemetery's neon sign.

Angelyne, Angelyne, the somewhat racy billboard queen. Off-Ramp for Feb. 28, 2015

Icons! John meets and rides through Hollywood with Angelyne, and Kevin interviews former Minuteman bassist Mike Watt, who'll be on the punk Mt Rushmore.

Open it, and Angelenos will come. Off-Ramp for February 21, 2015

Thousands of supposedly lowbrow Angelenos lined up for hours last weekend to get inside a new architectural marvel and an old icon: The Broad museum and Hollyhock House.